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Why Build This

Simple, industry participants ask us almost on a daily and weekly basis, “do you know of any great companies that are hiring?” And from companies, “do you know any great people that would be a good fit for our role?”. By developing Vacation Rental Professionals on Linkedin back in 2008, we’ve built the largest professionals forum in the world. We now want to use the network we developed to connect dots between interested employees and interested companies. 

Sourcing GREAT People is really hard.

In our experience, here is why we believe that this challenge is true for most of us.

The truly GREAT people are:


  • The really great ones are gainfully and happily employed…
  • So therefore, they are likely not currently searching job listings
  • The average tenure of great people 3 to 5 years
  • More loyal to their employer than lesser performers, and their employer is usually loyal in return
  • Their next job must FIND THEM to get their attention

Ironically, quite risk-averse

  • Posting their resume to a job site is less acceptable, for fear of being discovered by their current employer
  • Searching online for jobs from company resources is a known conflict
  • Cause and effect
    • Seeking new employment will psychologically and physically affect one’s current performance, resulting in:
      • Management’s looking into what you’re doing
      • Possibly missing significant goals and objectives

We Have Also Found That

  • Attracting Great People Is Also Quite A Challenge; That Is:
    • Attracting them to join your team
  • Timing Is Particularly Critical.
    • Get it right, and you may win them over; otherwise, they certainly aren’t looking for you
  • It Can Be Very Expensive.
    • Fees to all those ‘generic’ job posting sites add up fast
    • Recruiter retainers + success fees are ~25% of a new hire’s salary
  • It Takes Time and Focus
    • In my experience, time = money, especially with empty positions on the roster and ongoing stress on the rest of your team. 

Helping Solve The Problem With VR Insider

Because there wasn’t a dedicated place to allow people and companies to find each other, we’re trying to tackle it. PLUS…

We’ve made it simple:

  1. Register To Receive The Emails: Tell us what you’re interested in
  2. Tell Us Where You’d Like To Work (Geographically) 
  3. Tell Us What Type Of Roles You’re Interested In
  4. Upload A Resume (if you have one and YES they’ll be kept confidential)

That’s It! We’ll send out a weekly email as companies submit job opportunities that fit your general criteria.

So what is VR Insider, actually?

Look, this is not rocket science, by any means. VR Insider is just a large, dedicated list of providers and opportunistic people in the business or who want to be in the business who are actively, or even passively, interested in receiving and reviewing relevant new positions from top employers in the industry, directly and discreetly via email.

Who is it that joins VR Insider?

Members come from just about every region around the world and who has held just about every role you could imagine in the industry. You’re either currently working successfully in a current role, transitioning to something new or just curious to see what opportunities come up. 

  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Management
  • Executive Management
  • Analytics / Data
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Reservations
  • Housekeeping
  • Channel Development
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Revenue Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Food and Beverage
  • Coding/ Software Development
  • Laundry
  • Customer Support
  • Property Recruitment
  • Systems / Solutions Sales
  • Others

Wow! So Why Would All Of These Professionals Join 'the list'?

  • It’s super simple.
  • It is a highly valuable but very simple email list.
  • It is only for the Vacation Rental / Short Term Rental Industry. 
  • Provide only a personal email address and optionally, some general interest criteria, and a resume.
  • List members voluntarily receive relevant open positions sent directly to their email, only one position at a time.
  • When possible, we add ‘color’ to each posted position, highlighting why each new position is unique and worth a look.

It is VERY discreet for members/candidates to participate.

Who would want to miss their dream job if it did come along via the list?

As A Hiring Manager, Why Would I Post My Open Positions To VR Insider?


VR Insider is comprised only of Vacation Rental Professionals, or Professionals that have similar experience and you access them all in ONE place.


People are opportunistic by nature. Members have raised their hand and want to see your roles, we get it in front of them.


List Members have deep networks in the industry and if they are not interested in your role, they may know someone that is.

Got it. So how does it actually work? I mean, what is the business model?

This is also quite simple for you, as employers:
  • There are NO contracts!
  • Send us your open positions, of any kind, just as long as they are in the Vacation Rental Industry / Short Term Rental Industry, using jobs@vrinsider.com or by using the form on the site. 
  • It is FREE for you to have us send your openings to the list of members.
  • Your responsibility: Please ask where the candidate heard of your open position: perhaps “VR Insider”?”
  • If a position is filled because of the free emails we send to VR Insider List Members on your behalf:
    • We use the Honor System – Therefore, we seek a modest 3% success fee against your new hire’s documented starting salary, due upon hire. This fee is refundable if the employee resigns within the first 30-days of being hired. This is how we keep the lights on and can continue to do this. 
    • Payment: Please send a completed 1099 form (for US based companies) and a check made out to VR Insider, LLC or a wire transfer for companies outside of the United States. For wiring instructions, please message us at info@vrinsider.com


Interested ?

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